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The VSA Villain Rehabilitation Fund

The VSA (Villain Stalker Assocation) needs YOU. :iconobjectionplz: We are an organisation dedicated to the stalking, spying, and glomping of villains the world over. Over 200 villains have been victims of had the privilige of being stalked by us, and this number is growing everyday. :iconthatsrightplz:

Unfortunately, while we do our best to minimise long term psychological damage (brought on by continous stalking by VSA members in stalker suits), there are some villains who just never recover their nerves, wits, or, most tragically of all, their marbles. :no:

And that is where you come in. :icondelightfulplz: Every penny point donated to the Villain Rehabilitation Fund goes toward providing these poor villains with a new lease of life. Villainy 101 workshops, competent henchmen with doctorates in psychology, theraputic shark tank therapy and more are all things that your generous donations will buy, enabling our favourite villains to get back on their feet and ready to take over the world! :iconfinallyplz:

Show a villain you care, donate today! :heart:

~El Pandacat, El Presidente of the VSA.

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That's me, Zorro. I have cast off my pandacat disguise and the sham of a brachiosaurus costume and revealed my true identity. ZORRO. :iconimveryhappyplz:

I know this may come as a shock. If you need to hyperventilate, please do it over there in that darkened corner. :iconnotimpressedplz: Honestly. It may also come as a shock that I have written a journal! :iconpandacatnoesplz: Me! The ever vanishing panda-I mean - ZORRO. :shifty:

:iconimseriousplz: It's a shock to me too. But it's high time I put in an appearance, because although dA has lost it's...appeal? fun? je ne sais quoi? in some way for me, I still love you all! :iconbegplz: I am a no good, bad, very lazy panda. :no: Also, I always seem to be either tired or ill lately, so I keep putting off clearing my inbox or writing a journal, or writing in general. Terrible. :icony-u-noplz:

HOWEVER. I may feel yucky rn, but it's time to get back on the horse! Zorro is nothing without his horse after all. :la: Nanowrimo starts tomorrow and I am participating! I won in 2011 and it was super effective. So I think it will help kick me back into writing gear. :eager: :eager: :eager:

I am going to work on finishing Once Upon a Market Dark and then, if I finish that :eager: I plan to work on another story I've started, called Inheritance. :eager: Wheee! I'm PandCat-Productions on NaNoWriMo as well, so feel free to add me as a writing buddy if you're doing it too. :iconshaplz:

In other news, it is Halloween and I am Zorro. :iconherotimeplz: I am currently in disguise as a panda, but for much of the day I was cloaked and moustachioed and dealing out swift and terrible justice. :dummy: That's just how I roll. Freeing the masses, documenting software, the whole shibang.

In other other news, I have tickets to see the Lion King! :eager: It's in Edinburgh til January and myself and :iconlady-obsessed: will go seeeee it in January and rejoice! I am excite! :excited:

In other other other news, I has a new laptop! :la: Her name is Esme, and she has already angered me by requiring repairs a mere week after I bought her. :| Though, to be fair, it was Windows 8 that was at fault. :shakefist: Windows 8! God I miss windows 7. Ah well, if I get too nostalgic, old laptop Bob is still here, waiting in the wings. Bob has never let me down! :iconfinallyplz: And the people at PC World are pretty super. :happybounce: They fixed her booboos and that right quick. *hums the PCWorld theme tune*

In other other other other news, you're awesome. :blowkiss:

In other other other other other news, I am addicted and a little obsessed with the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies. While there are elements of the plot and characters that jar with POTO, I can't help but adore the music and the spectacle and the everything. :iconwhywouldffffplz: IT COMPLETES ME. I've had the album on repeat for over three weeks now and watched it on youtube and bought the dvd. I am also going to make plushies of the phantom and Christine. :eager:

Speaking of plushies, I have been commissioned! :eager: I am making Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad, for a colleague and I shall be paid! :happybounce: So far I have finished Jesse and I am working on Walt. They will have hasmats and gas masks and magnets. :la: Wheeee!

Anyway, I've rambled on. You are beautiful and I hope you are well! :heart: And oh mai gosh, is that a new pair of socks? :iconlegaspplz: They bring out the rainbows in your eyes! :iconinloveplz: Have a spookily splendid day!

ttfn! :iconpandacatlaplz:
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: Love Never Dies
  • Reading: Fade to Black - Francis Knight
  • Watching: Elementary
  • Playing: Witcher 2/ Blackwell Deception
  • Eating: Soup
  • Drinking: Turkish Apple Tea


El Pandacat
Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom


...That is all. :iconimrlynotimpressedplz:

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